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Comprehensive Examinations

Why do I need a comprehensive examination and how frequently should I have an examination?

Example: A Comprehensive Examination includes
  • Soft Tissue check
  • Jaw Joints check
  • Teeth check
  • Radiographs
Coral Coast Dental recommends all new patients at the practice have a full thorough examination. In this appointment one of the Oral Health Providers will take two bitewing radiographs left and right to check for dental caries and a full jaw radiograph to check the full anatomy of the mouth checking the bone depth, sinus cavities, and for any abnormalities such as cysts, abscesses or tumours. The Dentist will also check the mouth thoroughly and do an oral screening checking your soft tissues for any oral cancers and abnormalities. Your cheeks, lips, tongue, throat and palate will be checked making sure they are healthy. In this appointment the doctor will give the patient any treatment estimates and go through the treatment estimates and provide the patient with...
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Radiographic Examinations

What is a radiograph and why are they necessary

A dental radiograph is an image produced on a phosphor or sensor plate. The image is created when gamma rays (commonly known as x-rays) hit a sensor on the plate; the image is then processed on computer. Radiographs are a necessary part of mouth examinations as they allow the dental professional to diagnose any dental conditions such as dental caries, infections, cysts, gum disease and bone loss as well as oral cancer. Using the diagnosis of these films the dental professional is able to produce a dental management plan for treating any conditions of the mouth.

Different types of radiographs

There are 3 different types of radiographs that are taken of the mouth. An Orthopantomograph- otherwise known as a panoramic film- shows the whole anatomy of the mouth, this allows the dental professional to examine bone depth, sinus cavities, wisdom teeth, cysts, abscesses, tumours...
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Tooth Coloured Restorations

What is a Direct Tooth Coloured Restoration?

A tooth coloured restoration is a direct composite resin used to restore teeth that have had decay or been broken. Here at Coral Coast Dental we use a plastic tooth coloured resin material to restore teeth instead of the traditional amalgam (silver restorations). We do not recommend amalgam restorations as amalgam is not bonded to the tooth. Over time when chewing, the amalgam expands in the tooth and causes cracks, damaging natural tooth structure.

How is a restoration done?

A restoration is prepared by removing any dental caries, or shaping a broken tooth. The tooth is then cleaned with a mild acid etch. After etching the tooth is chemically activated using a prime and bond solution. The composite resin is then placed in increments and cured with a blue light. The restoration is then shaped and polished, restoring the mouth back to its original function. The...
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