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Children and Young Adults

Why under 18’s are seen by an Oral Health Therapist?

At Coral Coast Dental we employ Oral Health Therapists who have completed studies at University that specialise in Hygiene and Therapy (Children’s Dentistry). They have studied the following to provide you and your family with the best dental treatment. They provide you with services related to prevention of tooth and gum disease for you and your child.

Hygiene (also known as Preventive Care):

  • Professional cleans
  • Applying reminerilising agent
  • Educate and motivate you to maintain good oral health
  • Use of preventive, educational and therapeutic methods for controlling oral disease
  • Oral health advice for all ages.
  • Periodontal management
  • Tooth Whitening


  • Prepare and restore cavities in teeth with white composite restorations
  • Extract deciduous (baby) teeth under local anaesthetic, provide space maintainers as required
  • Conduct dental examinations and diagnose problems up 18 years of age
  • Take radiographs of teeth and jaw
  • Fissure sealants to prevent tooth...
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Fissure Sealants

Fissures are naturally occurring groves that are on the surfaces of the molar and premolar teeth. Fissures can be deep and narrow which makes it difficult for the bristles of your tooth brush to properly clean out the food particles. Food that is trapped in the fissures attracts bacteria, which then multiply within the fissures and this results in a sticky substance forming, which is called plaque. The acids from the plaque eat into the tooth enamel and causes decay. Not all fissures are prone to decay; mainly the most narrow and deepest fissures, which are the most difficult to clean are the ones most at risk. Fissure Sealant’s are a tooth coloured liquid which is applied on the grooves of the teeth to prevent cavities from forming. Once applied the coating is permanent, and will stay on your teeth for a number of years.

Why Fissure Seal Your Teeth?

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Sports Mouth Guards

What is a Sports Mouthguard?

A sports mouthguard is an individually made rubber device specialised to protect your child’s teeth during contact sports or activities where there is a risk of an injury to the face. For example, football, hockey, soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket ect. Without a mouthguard, sports injuries and accidents can result in damage or injury to the gums, lips or teeth, tooth fractured, trauma to teeth, knocked out teeth and jaw fractures. Significant trauma to permanent (adult) teeth is also common from skateboards, bicycles, roller-blades, trampolines and scooters. At Coral Coast Dental we construct mouthguards for each individual child by taking an upper mouth impression of the teeth. Where then our dental technician will make the mouthguard on site from the impression taken. These mouthguards have been proven to reduce the number and severity of mouth injuries in sports and during training. Read more Comments are closed share