Sports Mouth Guards

What is a Sports Mouthguard?

A sports mouthguard is an individually made rubber device specialised to protect your child’s teeth during contact sports or activities where there is a risk of an injury to the face. For example, football, hockey, soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket ect. Without a mouthguard, sports injuries and accidents can result in damage or injury to the gums, lips or teeth, tooth fractured, trauma to teeth, knocked out teeth and jaw fractures.

Significant trauma to permanent (adult) teeth is also common from skateboards, bicycles, roller-blades, trampolines and scooters.

At Coral Coast Dental we construct mouthguards for each individual child by taking an upper mouth impression of the teeth. Where then our dental technician will make the mouthguard on site from the impression taken. These mouthguards have been proven to reduce the number and severity of mouth injuries in sports and during training.


Custom (individually) made Mouthguards

  • Fits snugly and is comfortable
  • Allows normal breathing and swallowing
  • Allow the wearer to speak
  • Is odourless and tasteless
  • Think enough (4mm) to provide protection against impact

Ready-made mouthguard – Over the counter

Purchased from chemists and sports shops. They are the cheapest option but DO NOT provides the best protection for your child. They as bulky and hard to keep in the mouth due to poor fit.

Caring for your mouthguard

  • A mouthguard needs to be replaced as the changes occur in the mouth such as erupting permanent teeth, restorations or crowns
  • Mouthguards needs to be rinsed in cold water before use. After use, rinse, dry and store in a plastic container
  • Once in a while, clean it with soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Mouthguards should be kept in a cool place as they can distort if left in the sun or hot water