On Site Ceramic Restorations

Coral Coast Dental is able to provide Ceramic restorations with the cerec machine that is located within the clinic. Through this technology our dentists have the advantages of computerized dentistry which allows them to produce quality chair side indirect ceramic restorations.

Made of porcelain, Ceramic restorations are commonly used on teeth that are heavily filled or quite broken down. A Dentist may give you this option in your treatment estimate if they feel this will benefit you rather than a direct composite resin (plastic) restoration. Ceramics provide the teeth with a longer life span and are very strong: Other restorations may fail due to changes within, such as:

  • Expanding or shrinking – amalgam restorations may expand and crack the tooth over time, composite can shrink over time
  • Debonding – bonding between the tooth and restorations fails
  • Secondary cavity formation – this can affect the structure of the original restoration

Most Ceremic restorations are recommended for restoring one or more surfaces of the tooth. Very large restorations result in a significant amount of the tooth to be compromised. A ceramic crown maybe recommended as the tooth risks becoming broken due to the amount of pressure/force applied to it. Ceramic restorations are a individually computerised design to fit your tooth through use of photographic images. Once created and milled in our machine, it is carefully treated and prepared to be bonded to the tooth all in the one simple visit.


The demand for Ceramic restorations is growing. As you can see from the illustrations they are designed and suited to the natural shape and shade of your teeth making them difficult to detect. Whether these are being done for cosmetic or strength reasons ceramics are durable and resistant to wear making them a great long term option.