Night Guards

What is a Night Guard  (Occusal Splints)?

A night guard also known as an occusal splint is a device that patients wear to bed at night to stop the effect of broxisim (clenching and grinding of their teeth).

Why do I need a Night Guard?

The device is used to prevent damage to the teeth the excessive forces produced during bruxing. Your teeth contact with a softer plastic not each other. A night guard can also relieve pressure in your jaw joints and muscles so you get a good night sleep. It can reduce headaches and pain in the jaw and / or face.

What does a Night Guard look like?

A night guard is a hard clear plastic device that attaches to either your upper teeth or lower teeth. There are 2 types of night gauds that Coral Coast Dental can make on site by our Laboratory Technician:

  • Full upper or full lower night guard
  • NTI night guard

Your dentist will specify the right night guard for you and will take a set of impressions on both upper and lower jaw to construct your specified night guard

Full Upper or Full Lower Night Guard:

A hard plastic tray that covers all your teeth either on the upper jaw or lower jaw.


NTI Night Guard:

A hard white and clear plastic device that fits comfortably over your 2 front upper teeth or your 4 lower front teeth.