Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients who have many missing teeth or severe deterioration of most teeth, may require a full mouth reconstruction to restore aesthetics, function or both. With advances in modern dentistry and more knowledge and understanding about the importance oral health, it is no surprise that people are keeping their teeth longer, more often than not, for their whole lives. Gone are the days of receiving full dentures at a young age. It comes as no surprise then that some people may require full mouth rehabilitation as over time, wear and tear and years of dental work takes its  toll on the mouth.

The oral cavity is a dynamic environment where changes constantly occur, sometimes quickly but more often slowly over time. Reasons for requiring Full mouth Rehabilitation may include

  • A traumatic incident involving the teeth
  • Wear and tear of natural teeth, especially heavily restored teeth which have been weakened by large or multiple restorations.
  • Destructive habits such as grinding.
  • Dental erosion caused by acid softening of teeth
  • Early loss of teeth causing your bite to collapse and extra load on the remaining teeth causing them to break down
  • Crowding and or poor occlusion (bite)
  • Poor aesthetics e.g. stained and discoloured teeth, multiple restorations in anterior teeth, darkened teeth from root canal treatment
  • Periodontal disease

Full mouth Rehabilitation may involve procedures such as (see our other web pages for full descriptions)

  • Tooth whitening
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Rebuilding missing tooth structure
  • Partial or Full Dentures
  • Recontouring gum position and/or shape
  • A combination of the above

Full mouth rehabilitation may involve only a few or all of your teeth. The dental treatment provided  is often quite extensive, therefore can take a lot of time and be expensive. There are always options to suit your budget.